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WP Rocket: Speed Up Your Blog and Get a Major Traffic Boost

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Do you know the number one reason why people jump off of your site so quickly? They get off your blog the second it begins to load slowly. No one is going to sit around and wait a full 30 seconds or longer for a site to load unless it’s something really important like a bank account. This is where the super-fast caching plugin called WP Rocket comes in handy.

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WP Rocket – What is it?

WP Rocket is consistently rated the number one caching plugin by WordPress experts. Its main purpose? To make your site load lightning fast to keep readers on our blog longer which in turn translates to returning viewers and potential moneymakers. (Caching is the temporary storage of web documents such as HTML pages and images to make pages load fast.)

I know caching your site is boring and the last thing you think about because let’s be honest, we just want to make our site pretty and crank out content. I feel ya! But, there’s no point in doing all of that work when readers will jump off before they even read anything because your site is loading like a snail.

You can make your site the prettiest and most useful in the world, but improving users’ experience and website performance is as equally important. If you’re new to setting up a blog or website, check out my post on the 12 must-have WordPress plugins you need!

Reap The Benefits of WP Rocket

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

Aside from making your site load fast, what else can you benefit from by using the most powerful caching plugin ever created?

  • Google likes fast sites, the plugin will improve your blog’s SEO
  • Turn on the plugin and get immediate results
  • Super quick setup, just a few clicks
  • Optimizes Google Fonts for faster load times
  • Automatic lazyload of pictures, videos, etc.
  • eCommerce friendly! Integrates with WooCommerce and many others

Did you know this plugin can be set up in just a few clicks? No coding experience needed, it does all the work for you making easy to instantly improve your site’s speed and don’t forget – gain site traffic and repeat traffic.

WP Rocket vs. “the other guys”

There are a few popular free plugins like W3 Total Cache and Hyper Cache but the list of features they offer is very meek compared to WP Rocket! Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of just how much this caching plugin really offers compared to other popular plugins. You can view all of this information right here.

wp rocket pricing

I’m pretty sure WP Rocket is the clear winner here.

Reviews and Pricing

When it comes to performance WP Rocket beats virtually all of the competition.

-Chris Lema

This plugin is used by over 815,000 sites with a 92% satisfaction rate!! That statistic alone is a huge indication of an awesome product. Here are a few fabulous people from companies that recommend WP Rocket.

  • Michiel Heijmans, the COO and partner at Yoast
  • Steven Word from WP Engine
  • Hristo Pandjarov, WordPress expert at SiteGround
  • David Mosterd, founder of Admin Columns

Check out ratings and other reviews here!

Now for pricing, WP Rocket has a very simple pricing plan for you to choose from.

With all of the features that this plugin offers (more than double what free plugins can do) and given how incredibly easy and fast it is to set up, I’d say that justifies the price and makes WP Rocket worth every dollar.

use wp rocket to speed up your site

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  • Charity Jerop

    Hi Erin. Thanks for sharing this post on FB. I’ve looking for a plugin to help speed up my blog. I’ve tried all the others with no improvements. I’m going to try WP Rocket and see.

  • Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama

    Great review of WP Rocket? I’ve tried severaal cache plugins and I always delete them for one reason or another. Right now, I’m relying on a combination of Siteground’s optimization features and Shortpixel to increase my blog speed. It works pretty well but maybe I’ll give WP Rocket a try to see how it does.

    • Erin Alonzo

      That’s exactly what I was trying too but my site score was still around 74% on speed tests. Now it’s up to 86% with WP Rocket!
      I hope it works for you.

  • Rachel

    I’m going to have to check this out. I’ve been really struggling with my site speed. I’ve tried a bunch of free plugins but they don’t seem to be improving my site, so here’s to hoping this will help!

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