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The Best Amazon PLANNERS For Authors And Writers In 2019

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First up is The Author Planner ($16.99).

Some people ask themselves, “Are planners necessary? Do I truly need them?” Well, being a mom of three and a beginner blogger – HECK YES, I NEED MY AMAZON PLANNERS! My planner helps me to stay focused, determined, organized, and on track with my goals in life and business too. How will I know my deadline for a post if it’s not written down in pretty pink ink? I won’t know and let’s face it, neither will most of us.

This post contains affiliate links and does not affect the price of the product.

There are thousands of planners on the market and a big chunk of them are focused on specific tasks such as monthly, finances, and so on. But as writers(blogger for myself) and authors, we tend to have a different set of needs for planners. So when I ran across some Amazon planners solely dedicated to writers and authors, I was ecstatic. And immediately began researching to find you all the very best Amazon planners out there! No guesswork needed on your part and they are all super affordable. (all under $20)

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In no particular order, these are the Amazon planners I found to have the powerful features writers need and the high ranking reviews we all love.

A beautifully designed workbook planner for an entire year! The mission of this planner is to organize your writing year, with self-help discovery, some goal setting, and all while moving forward. Based on the Amazon reviews, it’s a good size for your workspace and one reviewer even said it was “simple, yet powerful.”

The Author Planner A Workbook To Organize Your Writing Year: A Calendar Based Planner For Writers (Creative Mermaids Live Your Creative & Vibrant Life Series)

The Novel Planner:

A Daily Planner For Authors ($17.99) is a daily planner fit for hobbyist, first-time novelists, and professional writers too. This planner includes weekly and monthly calendars, a novel project reference guide (to outline your story/plot), a brainstorm and research center, and a yearly achievements tracker! How cool is that? I don’t know how much more could be packed into this planner. That’s a huge resource at an incredible value. Check out this power-packed planner for yourself here:

Self-Publisher Planner

Who is thinking of becoming a self-published author? I have a planner for you! The 2019 Self-Published Author’s Publishing Planner ($14.99) is dedicated to your self-publishing business. With this planner, you can schedule releases, sales, marketing campaigns, plan monthly newsletters, organize giveaways, and SO MUCH MORE! This is a seriously feature-packed planner to take your business as an author to the next level. Check out the giant list of features here.

Blogger Planner

I found an excellent planner for bloggers too! The CREATE Blog and Editorial Planner ($18.00) is dedicated to helping bloggers and solopreneurs plan content, nurture an audience, and build a business around your blog. It has 45 reviews and 4.7 stars! Reviewers say the CREATE planner is very specific for growing your business, has plenty of room to write and plan, and is “a roadmap to success.” This doesn’t replace a daily planner but it certainly puts your business in motion! (I’ll be buying this planner for myself, it sounds awesome!)

I hope you have all enjoyed this list of planners and that I could save you some time by doing the review work for you. If you end up purchasing any of these planners, please let me know in the comments section as to why you chose it. I’d love to know!

If you’re in need of a TON more productivity tools, eCourses, eBooks, goal planners, and much more then be sure to check out my post on The Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

For time sake and keeping this article short and sweet, I attached a few more planners that stood out to me. They are definitely worth looking into!

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