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How To Promote Your Blog For Free

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Why is promotion important?

Let’s say you spent the last two weeks designing and creating a beautiful blog. Then another two weeks writing your first few blog posts that have the most useful information on the internet. Now, your blog is all set up and ready for the world. But wait, how is the world going to find you? How can you promote your blog for free?!

Easiest ways to promote your blog

Answer – PROMOTION!! Specifically, blog promotion. This is how readers (site traffic) come to your blog, and the word of your excellent content is spread. There are a TON of ways to promote but I’m going to explain the absolute easiest and most effective ways to promote your brand new blog for free. If you’re looking for free resources for your blog, I have a whole post on it right here.

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The Most Effective Method – Social Media

Hop on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram because that’s where it’s at! Let’s start with Facebook because it’s my favorite, (actually, Facebook blogging groups are my favorite part.)

Making a Facebook business page for your blog is a given because it represents your blog on a global social media giant. You can post your new blog posts, funny pictures, and anything you want that is relative to your blog’s niche. So now, you need people on Facebook to hit that popular little ‘Like’ button. How?

You need to join blogger support groups! There are a ton specifically dedicated to promoting your blog across several platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, etc. A few that I really love are Blogging For New Bloggers, Bloggers Supporting Bloggers, and Blogging Babes Collective.

Make sure to read all of the group rules because self-promotion is not allowed outside of dedicated threads. For example, Monday could be Facebook where you like other bloggers Facebook pages, and in return, they like yours. This is how I’ve gone from zero to 110 likes in less than two months!

Engaging on Facebook is just as important as actually being on it. Commenting, liking, and sharing can get you a mile ahead of the competition. Be selfless and share fellow bloggers content.

Using Pinterest to Promote.

Pinterest can get a little technical due to creating pins and using a pin scheduler like Tailwind but, most bloggers say it’s how they get the majority of their traffic.

You can use Pinterest to create captivating and alluring Pins that make a Pinterest reader say “Oh! I want to know more!” and click right through to your site. You can also learn a TON about blogging, marketing, and basically anything on Pinterest. It’s a great way to boost your blogging knowledge and become a better promoter.

Remember to pin more of other people’s content than your own!

Instagram is all about the comments and hashtags.

Using Instagram to promote your blog is a combo of the right hashtags and producing thoughtful comments. Make a separate account just for your blog. Posting pretty pictures isn’t going to get people to click through. You have to follow people in your niche and interact with their posts by writing great comments.

For Instagram, adding the right hashtags like #blog, #blogger, can draw people who follow that hashtag, right onto your account. Then they follow you and ultimately, click through to your website and maybe even become subscribers to your mailing list!

Point being, the more social media platforms you can consistently be active on, the more you can promote your blog for FREE. Jump on any social media that you think your ideal reader would be.

The sneaky promotion – Email List

When people visit your site, a signup form for your email list should be clearly visible and easy to access. Once someone signs up, you have free reign to email them about blog updates, new posts, and best of all – product launches! But please, don’t spam them every day. Like 3 emails a week is good.

This is your chance to have repeat traffic from followers and they may even share your blog with others if you have really awesome content or products. This is especially true for product launches like printables and those super hot eCourses.

I call this the sneaky promotion because it’s not as direct as social media where you are deliberately promoting your blog. With email subscribers, you send them helpful tips and fun emails and then slip in a link to your blog somewhere. (Make sure it’s in a relevant place though.)

You can also promote products and courses by providing your subscribers with exclusive sales and promo codes they can use. Another great idea is to ask your subscriber to invite people to subscribe, in return, they get a free product or a larger discount. Free promotion!

For my subscribers, I offer a 20% discount promo code on all of my products! I have some amazing printables and PDF editable too, check them out here.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Collaborating with other bloggers who may have a larger audience than you is HUGE! If they mention your blog in a blog post or on social media, wow!! You’re almost guaranteed a shipment of new site traffic and social media followers. Of course, it’s a two-way street. You need to show that blogger some promotional love too.

My advice is to follow, comment and become real friends with bloggers in your niche. Then you can both benefit from mutual promotion and even collaborate on products together.

All in All..

Promoting your blog doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. There are plenty of ways to gain followers, site traffic, and subscribers without paying a dime. It takes time, persistence, and direction to truly grow a blog worth following. Remember to sign up with new accounts for your blog on ANY social media platform you feel your ideal reader would be. Be discreet in your emails but show some self-love too, and reach out to other bloggers. Don’t be afraid to pitch an idea.

Speaking of social media, you can find all of my blog accounts in the top right-hand corner and the sidebar. (See? easily accessible.) Don’t forget to head over to my shop page! You will find fabulous printables to plan blog posts, social media management, and much more. I also just launched a Start My Blog Workbook to get your blog started, organized, and on a smooth road to success. Here’s a preview!

Happy Blogging, see you soon.

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  • Marian wood

    Hi, interesting post. I try and promote as much as I can. I haven’t started an email list as my blog is fiction writing and poetry. I’m trying to write a book so have two blogs, one my writing, the other my book. Lots of work! I’m not sure if people would sign up to an email list and I’m not sure what I would send.

    • Rebecca |

      I bet people would sign up for your email list if they enjoy reading your work. Sometimes, when I find a blog I like, I’ll sign up for their email list just as a way to make sure I don’t forget the blog exists. Sometimes I just appreciate getting the “hey I posted something new” reminder in my inbox.

  • Rachel

    Totally agree with all these tips. I just started talking to some of the bloggers I follow in my niche and it’s been great! I’ve been able to make some friends and get helpful tips from time to time. I’m also obsessed with Tailwind now 😁

  • Paul

    Hi there how are you? I found this interesting because at first I was planning to go for paid advertisement but when I read your post i feel like its just a waste of money if I can just do it for free. Thumbs up and really informative.

  • Rebecca |

    Great post! And thanks for the reminder that I can be posting “fun” stuff on my Facebook page. I make sure to post links to my blog posts, but I forget that it’s a perfect place to post random fun things that are relevant to my niche, purely as a way to build an atmosphere and community around my page.

    • Erin Alonzo

      Yeah it’s always great to add personal stuff to Facebook too. Not all the time but to connect with people, not just blog blog blog ya know.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Erin Alonzo

      Hi Megan,
      Save your printables as PDF.
      Upload them to Google Drive and click “get shareable link”
      now when you send out emails to subscribers, put that link from Google Drive and they will be able to download the printable. Email me at for any questions.

  • Philomath

    Facebook is my favorite, too. I love to meet new people and bloggers and engage with them and learn. Also, Twitter would be my second because I’ve learned a lot from other blogger and made good progress from it.

  • Tiffany

    Great tips! Writing killer content is only half the battle when it comes to blogging. Marketing your latest posts should take up the majority of your time and for that, you need to find lots of places to promote your blog and draw in your target reader. Thanks for sharing! By any chance, are you interested in doing collabs? xx

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