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How To Create An Irresistible Opt-In + 30 Freebie Ideas!

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The opt-in, the freebie, the lead magnet. the landing page..they all have ONE goal and it’s to get devoted readers to subscribe to your email list. And congratulations if you’re working on starting and growing your email list, this means you’ve survived launching your blog! In this post, I’ll show you how to create an irresistibly tasty opt-in freebie plus 30 ideas!

freebie opt-in ideas

This post may contain affiliate links in which I may earn a commission if you sign up using a link through this site.

Let me start off by telling you what won’t work ( I know because I made this big mistake!). Simply having a “please subscribe below” box isn’t going to cut it.

I tried that route and guess what, I only had 3 subscribers in my first month of blogging. Boo. That’s like signing up for a retail store credit card and not receiving a discount off your purchase.

Before you can create an opt-in freebie, you have to signup with an awesome email marketing service and my recommendation is MailerLite ALL the way! Their service is 100% free up to 1,000 subscribers, you can embed surveys into emails, much easier to set up than MailChimp, you can automate email campaigns and they offer FREE landing pages!

The Basics of Creating An Opt-In Freebie

There are a ton of ways to create freebies but it’s also important to take into account who your readers are and what will benefit them. Seven things to remember before making your opt-in:

  • Consider what will be of value to your audience
  • Do NOT copy other bloggers (it can be the same type but not the same information)
  • Don’t be afraid to use color
  • Make it very easy for readers to opt-in
  • Be unique and stay true to your message
  • Don’t overthink it – it doesn’t need fancy fonts or a custom logo
  • The highest converting freebies offer readers a solution to a problem

Blog posts are informative, sometimes entertaining, and usually, offer some kind of advice but what people can’t do is download them. This is the attractive quality to a freebie because it’s sent right to a person’s inbox where they can place it in a folder, mark it as important and always come back to it.

It’s something tangible they can take away from your post and reference to over and over again. Plus, now you have their email address! Please don’t spam subscribers though, I think 3 maybe 4 emails per week is good but any more than that and people will feel annoyed.

Note* If you plan to sell something like a course or ebook through your blog, creating a related freebie is the number one way to create buzz around your product launch. This means lots of sales and $$!

The Best Ways To Find Freebie Ideas

So, you know you need an email list and subscribers but HOW do you know what kind to create!? Here’s some inspiration for finding those opt-in freebie ideas.

Find out what’s popular in your niche.

A great way to finding out what’s trending right now is Pinterest! You can type in your niche or any topic really and the most popular pins will be at the top.

You can also search through Google trends and bloggers you follow on social media (you may notice a sudden hype in printables or maybe webinars are trending). Look around to what others are creating and out your own twist on it.

Popular Blog Posts

What’s your most popular post so far? You can check this info with Google Analytics. GA will tell you how many times a post has been viewed and making that post (or posts) an ideal candidate for freebies!

Let’s say your post was about healthy summer eating. You could create a summer eating menu with a list of 50 healthy refreshing snacks for kids. The possibilities are endless.

Irresistible Opt-in Freebie Ideas To Skyrocket Your Email List!

Checklists/Cheat Sheets

** Make sure to save freebies in PDF format so you can embed them in emails for easy downloads šŸ™‚

These opt-ins are the most basic and most widely used type of freebie because they are easy to create and offer value to readers. For example, I created an SEO blog post checklist to help new bloggers practice good SEO and rank higher on Google. SEO is super important for organic traffic!

You can download the SEO checklist from my FREE resource vault!


These can be hot items if you’re in the right niche like mom blogs and healthy eating. Printables can be amazing resources for organizational tasks, blogging tasks, meal prep, etc. You get it.

Make sure not to use too much color because people don’t want to waste their ink. Keep the colors on the lighter side and not too many graphics.


Ebooks have always been popular and as a freebie, they don’t need to be very long and super detailed. You want to save the extra juicy value for a paid eBook you’ll offer to subscribers in the future.

They take more time to create but imagine seeing a FREE 10 page PDF eBook available from your favorite blogger?? You’d jump on that train real quick!

Progress Trackers

A progress tracker can be extra valuable to people starting a new journey whether it be starting a blog or even weight loss. Fun, bright colors can help reflect inspiration and hope for their new journey as well.

People may want to track their social media growth over the course of a year. You could easily create this using a graph from PowerPoint or even Canva

Video & Webinars

As of August 2019, this is the most popular opt-in right now! I’m seeing it all over social media and for good reason too. Live videos via Facebook allow for huge engagement from your followers and a more personal experience as you can ask and answer viewers’ questions.

One way to promote live videos is having a pop up on your site for people to sign up to be notified of the live video or for them to join your FB group where the lives will be held.

Webinars are a huge success because they often teach something extremely valuable – for free! Webinars can also be prerecorded and use the amazing Google Slides to present with. The webinar can be linked through an email for easy access and your subscriber can watch it on their own time making it very convenient.

If you’re not familiar with Google Slides, head over here to learn the ins and outs of it.


Workbooks can be excellent freebies!! They are used to strategically plan, develop and organize thoughts for events such as turning your blog into a business or even starting a blog. (As you know, it takes a lot of planning to start a blog haha)

I even have a ‘Start My Blog Workbook” for sale to help you organize ideas, brainstorm, record new blog passwords, and much more. It’s also PDF editable if you don’t want to use printer ink and when you subscribe, I’ll send over a 20% promo code as well!

Want More Opt-In Freebie Ideas?

So far I’ve listed seven, but what if I told you there’s about 23 MORE freebie ideas to gain an insane amount of monthly subscribers and turn that list into MONEY? Sign up in the right-hand box for your free PDF!!

30 freebie ideas pdf


Your opt-in freebie has to offer value to your readers, solve a problem or provide a solution to something, be easy to read and uniquely your own.

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