About Me

Hi there,


Me and 2 (out of 3 boys) of my babies!


As of August 2019 – I’m updating my blog to more of a parenting lifestyle niche, highly focused on upcoming holiday crafts and fun foods to make with your tots and kids!

My name is Erin Alonzo – a wife and mama to three little boys. I’ve started this blog as a creative outlet and to just have a ton of fun writing about stuff I love.

I also write blogging tips for other new blogging mama’s like me.


A few fun facts:

  • My husband and I have chickens and a huge garden.

  • I LOVE planners and organizational tools.

  • I hate hot coffee, only iced for me!

  • Mint tea is my version of therapy.

  • My family and I reside in the Sunshine State.

If you’re in need of some serious organization, a healthy mindset, and time for YOURSELF to smash through those 2019 goals. Look into The Ultimate Productivity Bundle! My post explains my favorite picks from the bundle and you can enjoy them too.


Thanks for stopping by, keep blossoming mama’s.