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A Quick Guide On How To Use Mailerlite

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An Easy Guide On How To Use Mailerlite.

So, you’ve started a blog and written a few posts but now you want to start an email list. EXCELLENT IDEA! An email list is a huge thing when it comes to (eventually) monetizing your blog because an email list is completely yours.

Yes, those email addresses are yours to keep! Social media followers, Pinterest traffic – it can all be taken away in an instant, that’s why your email list is so important. Let’s get started building your list with a quick guide on how to use Mailerlite.

a quick guide on how to use mailerlite

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The Run-Down On Mailerlite

I started my blog earlier this year and after searching through a few email marketing options, it was clear that Mailerlite was the best choice for many reasons. (Also, if you sign up with MailerLite through my link you’ll save $20 when you upgrade your plan!). Here are a few of my favorite things about MailerLite:

  • FREE service up to 1,000 subscribers and 1,200 emails per month
  • free beautiful landing pages
  • embed surveys into emails
  • easy email automation
  • create subscriber groups
  • pop-up subscribe forms
  • integrations with Facebook, Shopify, WordPress + more

As a not so tech-savvy woman, Mailerlite is super easy to use and to create beautiful emails!

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

To Get Subscribers..

I highly recommend heading over to this very helpful post on what makes a great freebie to offer for your opt-in. This post has the full breakdown of creating opt-ins and 30 freebie ideas to have people subscribing faster than you can keep up!

How To Use Mailerlite Tabs

After doing the basic signup, you’ll be brought to the Dashboard where it gives you a glimpse of subscribers, growth, and latest campaigns. For now, it’s blank but you can change those stats real quick with a high-value opt-in.

Your second tab in the header bar will be ‘Campaigns‘. This is where you’ll create emails to be sent out. It’s pretty basic but once you have some emails sent, you can also view ‘reports’. These stats will tell you how many emails were opened and if there were any clicks to links in your email.

A really amazing marketing feature Mailerlite has is the ability to do an A/B split campaign. This means you can create the same email but with two different titles to see which title performs better! It’s a powerful technique for launching courses and products.

Subscribers Tab

The subscriber’s tab offers you a lot of flexibility and information. You can create ‘Segments’, these are dynamic lists of your customers based on their attributes and behavior. Basically, you can group people together based on their interests (what opt-in did they sign up for?), habits, and more.

So if you have a lifestyle blog that covers three different topics and someone signs up on a fashion post, you can segment them so they receive emails about fashion-related topics instead of everything you cover on your blog. It’s a great way to personalize your reader’s experience.

Forms – The Pretty Stuff

I call Forms the pretty stuff because they are so much fun to create!! You can create pop-ups, embedded forms, promotions, and landing pages. Everything from color, font, style, and the background image can be customized to your liking.

I’d say choosing what to write is the difficult part because the headline could make people signup or…click the dreaded ‘X’ and run away. Boo. An enticing headline is so important!

Once you’ve created a form, go into your WordPress dash and download the Official MailerLite Sign Up Forms plugin. This allows you to connect your forms to your site. If you want to show a subscribe box in your sidebar, just add the MailerLite sign up form widget into your sidebar widget area and done!

Popups will show on your website automatically. Make sure to go through the ‘behavior’ settings to change how long it takes for the popup to show and other important stuff. Blogging tip – do NOT have a popup show right away because it gets clicked away way more often than not.

You need to wait about 15-30 seconds so readers can explore your blog a bit and see if they like it first before throwing a please subscribe form in their face. Popups are amazing for opt-ins too!

Free Landing Pages

Free landing pages are offered by Mailerlite and they are so beautiful and easy to create!! Landing pages are used for opt-ins to freebies, and to sell products and courses. It’s the first step in a sales funnel.

You can choose from premade templates or create your own with a drag and drop editor. You can check out my very first landing page here!


What is email automation? It’s pretty much like autopilot. When a person signs up on a certain form, let’s say to receive a PDF file, you can create a few emails to send out specifically for that form sign up. Instead of a subscriber receiving the basic welcome email, they’ll receive emails you created relating to that topic and the PDF download.

To create automation, click ‘create a new workflow’ and from there you can set a ‘trigger’. This trigger can be set to one of the many options available and then start creating emails to go with that sequence.

Blogging tip – save emails as templates so you don’t have to start from scratch every time!

Email Marketing Tips From Erin

Lastly ladies, a few tips I’ve learned recently about email marketing.

  • Emails are more personal – show some personality and humor
  • Keep it short-medium in length and get to the point
  • Use email templates to save a bunch of time
  • Always have a few links to your blog or social media
  • An email still needs to have valuable content(give them something. advice, a PDF, cool new product recommendation)
  • When promoting a product (even your own) DO NOT hound your list with 2-3 emails a day! Do some research on sales funnels first and how often you should send emails.
  • If you’re promoting something, remember to tell them how the product or course is going to ‘change’ or ‘benefit’ them, so don’t sit there and talk about yourself, okay? Awesome, now go work on that list!

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