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15 Gorgeous DIY Fall Decor Ideas

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The BEST season of the entire year is coming….Fall! Who’s with me? The weather changing, leaves turning color and floating to the ground, fires to make smores with my little ones, and marshmallow filled hot cocoa (I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, sorry). But do you know the best part? Heading to the store to grab supplies to make gorgeous DIY Fall decor!

Pinterest is the number one place to find inspiration for all things DIY. I look through every year and never end up making anything but this year I’m posting the 15 most beautiful DIY fall decor I can find and I’m challenging myself to make at least two of them. I challenge you to make just one DIY craft on here that you like and to be proud of it!

You can find out how to make each of these crafts by clicking on the website link where it comes from. Let’s dive in and start saying “oooh” a lot. 🙂

DIY Fall Decor

DIY Burlap Wrap Wreath – You can easily add whatever color flowers you’d like to match your overall Fall color scheme. For me, it’s teal, turquoise, and orange!


Cinnamon Stick Candles – Who wouldn’t love an amazing vanilla candle wrapped in cinnamon sticks?? I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding this DIY to my to-do list. Not to mention, this DIY fall decor craft would cost less than $10 to make!

diy fall candle cinnamon sticks
This might be my fav!

DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkin – Who would have thought that a dryer vent could turn into a beautiful rustic pumpkin?

diy pumpkin

Mason Leaf Jar – This DIY has been all over Pinterest for a few years now. It’s a classic and would also be a fun project for kids to help out with. *Tip – you can find mason jars super cheap at thrift stores*

diy fall mason jar

Gorgeous Watercolor Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile – This is such a unique and creative idea! I may attempt this one…I’m afraid my 2-year-old might get to it though haha.

Stylish DIY Falling Leaves Garland – Similar to the branch mobile but with glitter and a slightly different style but for real, glitter. Glitter is appropriate for every season!

diy garland

Are You Saying “Oooh” Yet To These DIY Fall Decor Ideas?

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Hello” Fall Sign Repurposed Cabinet – Wood signs…what’s not to love about them? They are so charming and rustic but still stunning!

DIY Gourd Vases – I always see gourds in the store but I definitely didn’t know they could look so beautiful. These would be perfect for a small table or even on a fireplace mantle.

Sweater Pumpkins – Oh my gosh, these pumpkins are so cute and easy to make! *You could find some dirt cheap sweaters at a thrift or second-hand store*

diy sweater pumpkin fall decor

Rustic Fall Sign – Another sign that’s easy and fun to DIY it. Plus, this sign was only $4 to make!

Pumpkin Sign – This DIY decor might take a little more work but it’s definitely worth it. On a porch or front doorstep, yes!

Cozy Fall Jars with Dollar Store Flowers – This super pretty project can be made for about $10, win! I’m choosing this DIY as my second challenge project.

Total Plastic Pumpkin Makeover – Transform your average dollar tree pumpkin into a shabby chic eye-catcher.

Pumpkin Topiary – This project would be fun for the kids to help with and a great porch piece. You could even let the kids do their own topiary with fun colors.

Fall Mason Jar Sign – a cute twist on your average mason jar! Change up the colors to your liking or keep it farmhouse rustic.

How Gorgeous Are These Ideas?

I completely love these DIY ideas and I wish I had the time to make them all. Remember to look in thrift stores for getting materials cheaper. We all want beautiful fall decor but it definitely doesn’t have to stress out your bank account or your husband. Now, I challenge you to make just one decor item from this post!

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